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Ornamental Fishes

I have had ornamental fishes from an very early age. It started off with a pair of guppies in a bottle during my convent days and  grew to a level where we built two large and four small cement tanks in my backyard and bred Silver Angel fishes. A task acknowledged even by veterans as a serious challenge in fish farming.

Some pictures of my favorite fish variety


This went to a level where I spent most of my off school, college and work time only beside my fish tanks and spent the weekends seeking new types of fishes. My family had a real tough time with me during these days tyring to get other things done from me :) These days, even though I am very interested in Ornamental fishes, I rarely get time to spend on this hobby. Sigh.........

I still have some Ornamental fishes in my house and spend time in the early mornings feeding them. My fish tanks have never been empty since my childhood days. They are a source of joy and help me to cool down when I am under stress.


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